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Do you want to book a taxi? Taxi Service Eindhoven offers fast, reliable, safe transport. With comfortable vehicles and multilingual drivers, we provide emergency transport and private and group transport throughout Europe. Enjoy luxury cars, safety and stress-free travel.
Choose our affordable online taxi booking service and experience the ease and speed of our transport services. Wherever you go, we are ready to get you to your destination safely and on time.

Book your ride online today and discover why our customers choose us as their preferred taxi service! Or contact us today for excellent transport service.

  • Hotel transportation
  • Living / working transport
  • Group transport
  • Airport transportation
  • School transport
  • Railway station transport

Book a taxi? These are our taxi rates:


Standard passenger car that you transport to your desired location. A maximum of 4 people can enter here (excluding driver).

€3,02 Entry rate
€2,22 /km
€0,37 /min
€41,55 Waiting rate per hour


A more spacious car that transports you to your desired location. The bus therefore contains space for a maximum of 8 people (excluding driver)

€6,13 Entry rate
€2,79 /km
€0,42 /min
€41,55 Waiting rate per hour

Fixed fares for the taxi from Eindhoven to Schiphol

Taxiservice Eindhoven | Taxi boeken

Fixed fares from Eindhoven Airport to all locations

Taxiservice Eindhoven | Taxi boeken

Fixed fares for the taxi from Eindhoven to European Airports

Taxiservice Eindhoven | Taxi boeken

Special Taxi transport

Taxiservice Eindhoven | Taxi boeken

Are you looking for special taxi transport or do you want to be transported discreetly?

If you have special wishes regarding passenger transport, you do not need to book a taxi online. There may be several reasons why your transport wishes deviate from what is customary. You can think of the transport of a traveler with a guide dog or assistance dog, wheelchair transport or a traveler who wants to travel discreetly or anonymously.
Please feel free to contact Taxi Service Eindhoven for all your questions and wishes, we will provide you with a suitable solution. We understand that price is an important factor when choosing a taxi service. Our rates are extremely competitive and offer excellent value for money.
We arrange fast, safe, reliable and affordable customized transport for you and your fellow traveller!

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